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Attract more qualified leads

Shorten your sales cycle

Increase customer and vendor referrals

Accelerate your closing rate

Develop customers into long term partners

Our Services

Market Analysis

Companies are often too close to the forest to see the trees. Clearly identify ideal clients, profitable products and services in the current market to develop the most effective strategy

Brand Development

Dated websites and sales materials with mixed messages confuse potential customers. Lock down your messaging to create a visible, credible and differentiated story that will help prospects want to work with you.

Sales & Marketing Integration

Sales people can’t stand alone in the desert with a phone. Develop an automated system that aligns your sales process with a multi touch point marketing strategy to close more business.

Sales Process

Is your sales funnel more like a hot mess? Develop a clear and trackable process your sales team can follow that improves results over 50% every time.

Networking Training

Do you have more past customers than current ones? Teach your team how to build rock solid business customer relationships that will provide long term sales for your company.

Website Design and Development

Is your website like that disappointing and embarrassing old car you need to get replaced? Develop a compelling website that becomes a pivotal part of your sales and marketing strategy with strong rankings and relevant traffic.

Content Development & Social Media Strategy

Is your last blog post celebrating its two year anniversary? Develop a content strategy for your blog posts and social media activity that will get qualified prospects to your website on a consistent basis.

Sales Material Development

Do your materials look like ads from the 80’s? Today’s prospects expect stunning graphics, compelling online ads and landing pages along with powerful videos to get them to respond to your sales efforts.

About NWI

At NWI Business Solutions, our team of seasoned professionals possess a wide range of expertise, making us the holistic solution for your business development needs. By interlocking the various skill sets of our team members, we are able to utilize them as intricate parts of a comprehensive strategy, customized to seamlessly meet the unique needs of each client.

We utilize a three-pronged approach to deliver your business development solutions, which includes marketing analysis to determine the target market, branding and visual communication and a sales strategy


We have a broad industry base which includes industries and business segments like Executive Branding. We’ve yet to meet an industry that we couldn’t work with.

  • Business Owners/CEO
  • Director of Sales & Training Leaders
  • Sales Teams
  • Director of Marketing
  • Executives Starting Firms
  • Manufactures
  • Medical
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Executive Branding and Other Business Segments
  • Non Profits
  • Retail

What Our Client's Are Saying


Norine has a keen networking mind. She is always thinking of people she can introduce to you that will directly help you grow your business.

Tom Gosche

Business Strategist at GLM, Ibc, Tom worked with Norine but at different companies.

Norine is great at what she does. She is such an asset to my business. Norine gave me new ideas and suggestions that were easy to implement and not too overwhelming. She truly cares about my business and my success. She is there to help you along the way and keeps you on track with your goals. I would recommend Norine to anyone looking to grow their business.

Pat Kolodziej, CPA, MST

Owner, PK Tax Services

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