NWI Business Solutions for Growth

  • Shortens the Sales Cycle
  • Accelerates Conversion Rate (from prospects to customers)
  • Grows Customer Retention
  • Increases Referrals
  • Improves the customer experience

Market Analysis

Identifies ideal clients and profitable products and services and evaluates market trends.

Sales & Marketing Integration

Sales people can’t stand alone in the desert with a phone. The sales process has to be interwoven with the correct marketing message and automation producing multiple contacts and touches.


A well-designed process that understands and articulates a company or individual’s Value, Identity, Perception, and Positioning (VIPP).

Sales Process

Get 80% better results if you change your funnel to a cylinder.


Building strong business relationships utilizing emotional intelligence and capturing the results equaling Relationship Capital.

Online Presence

These interactions help your audience relate to you online. It can complete the buying process, establish you as a thought leader and locate new clients.

Visual Communication

We have a creative process that combines visual arts and technology to communicate ideas. For NWI that means we combine the appropriate graphics, photography, video, and language that communicates desired messaging to specific targets.

Process Management

Well defined target market and process, that can communicate, support, track and be held accountable.

Service Design

Engineer and refine company infrastructure, existing and new services, products, and promises. Planning and organizing of people and communication.

Who we work with

We work with mid to large companies with revenues upwards of $2.0 Million.

  • Business Owners/CEO 25%
  • Director of Sales & Training Leaders 25%
  • Sales Teams 20%
  • Director of Marketing 10%
  • Executives Starting Firms 20%


We have a broad industry base which includes industries and business segments like Executive Branding. We’ve yet to meet an industry that we couldn’t work with.

  • Manufactures 19%
  • Medical 20%
  • Professional Services 28%
  • Technology 10%
  • Executive Branding and Other Business Segments 20%
  • Non Profits 2%
  • Retail 10%

Norine and her extended NWI team did a fabulous job helping Simplex uncover our passion and value add to our customers and put it out front in a new marketing/sales initiative. NWI created succinct, consistent and professionally looking marketing collateral that will help increase our sales and customer base.

Norine does a great job teaching strong networking skills and actually practicing them in real world scenarios. She practices what she preaches!!!

I would highly recommend Norine and NWI if you’re looking to take your marketing material and networking to the next level.

Kurt Sundberg

President at Simplex System Controls Inc., Simplex System Control

Norine is great at what she does. She is such an asset to my business. Norine gave me new ideas and suggestions that were easy to implement and not too overwhelming. She truly cares about my business and my success. She is there to help you along the way and keeps you on track with your goals. I would recommend Norine to anyone looking to grow their business. Pat Kolodziej, CPA, MST

Owner, PK Tax Services

Norine has keen networking mind. She is always thinking of people she can introduce to you that will directly help you grow your business. Tom Gosche

Business Strategist at GLM, Ibc, Tom worked with Norine but at different companies.

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