At NWI Business Solutions, our team of seasoned professionals possess a wide range of expertise, making us the holistic solution for your business development needs. By interlocking the various skill sets of our team members, we are able to utilize them as intricate parts of a comprehensive strategy, customized to seamlessly meet the unique needs of each client. We utilize a three-pronged approach to deliver your business development solutions, which includes marketing analysis to determine the target market, branding and visual communication and a sales strategy.

This allows our team to create a holistic plan to increase profitability, establish best practices and promote visibility. The majority of NWI Business Solutions team members have 20+ years of experience and, therefore, have the know-how to deliver the highest quality of service.


Norine Wiebmer

Norine Wiebmer

President, Sales Strategist

Norine is a relationship building sales trainer, national speaker and author. She specializes in developing relationship-building strategies and comprehensive sales and marketing plans for businesses. Following a twenty-five-year senior position with a billion-dollar multinational company, she founded Networking with Impact in 2008. Norine possesses an eclectic background in nursing, psychology, neurosurgery, sales development, and marketing. This unique range of experiences has provided the foundation for her award-winning relationship-building strategies, The Common Thread Marketing Process™ and the IMPACT Process™. By coaching business owners and C-level executives on her patented processes and the art of relationship-building, Norine has been able to help her clients:

  •  Bridge the efforts of marketing and sales departments
  •  Increase new business by 300% through face-to-face networking and building relationship capital
  •  Improve productivity and decrease marketing expenses by narrowing target markets
  •  Improve customer retention by establishing a “trusted adviser” verses a vendor relationship
  •  Create and manage an integrated sales and marketing process, documenting and measuring results
  •  Increase member recruitment and retention for non-profit and professional associations
Gwen Griffin-Harmon

Gwen Griffin-Harmon

Marketing & Visual Communications Strategist

Gwen is an accomplished designer and marketing professional with achievements in graphics, creative direction, web design, and communications. In an environment where businesses are vying for first place, Gwen excels in creating innovative designs and content which are competitive in the industry. She develops effective visuals that do not merely brand for external impact, but can be repurposed and utilized within company channels. Gwen provides numerous online and offline design and marketing services, which include, but are not limited to: Business Development, Branding, Logos, Brochures, Proposals, White Papers, Posters, Books, and Other Products/Solutions.

  • Designs campaigns with strong reflections on both external and internal user experience
  •  Observes and extends social platform queries into informational content marketing to convert conversations into customers
  •  Collaborates to design solutions that meet criteria for customers, sales teams, growth and processes
  •  Combines visuals and language strategically to enhance and explain information that is difficult to grasp
Mo Spondouris

Mo Spondouris

Graphic and Web Design

Mo is a graphic and web design maven with over 30 years experience in advertising and marketing, her career spans both the corporate and client side of the industry. She has created winning design concepts for branding initiatives, employee communications, packaging, audio-visual, print collateral and web design.