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Brand Development

Brand Development is the art and science of creating a consistent look and messaging strategy for your company.  This makes it easy for companies that are investigating your firm to understand what you do, how you do it, and if you are the right fit for them.

Brand Development includes obvious items like the colors, fonts and styles used in your logo, on your website, and your sales materials.  It also includes the type of language used to create your messaging, what your products and services are named, and items like the way you answer your incoming calls, your email signatures, and the tagline for your company.

Each of these items make a huge impression on your prospects.  And the impression can be a good one, or it can be confusing, inconsistent, or incomplete. When your brand message and strategy has been defined, your other marketing materials will fall into place much easier.

Our process for Brand Development includes working with your team to:

Gather information from multiple departments in your organization to be sure we capture multiple viewpoints of your capabilities

Review your products and services and how these items solve problems for your clients

Benchmark your competitors and what they bring to the market to clearly understand the differences and similarities with your own company

Develop a SWOT analysis for your organization: your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Create your USP: Unique Selling Proposition

Review your target markets and rank them to determine the best opportunities for a growth strategy

After all of this information is collected and synthesized, we will create a variety of materials for your use going forward. These materials are different for each client's situation, but can include:

A Brand Standards Manual or Standards Overview

New/updated logo and tagline

Business cards, letterhead, email template, and social media banners

PowerPoint template, Sales Collateral template

Specialized materials unique to the client’s requirements

From here, a variety of projects can be undertaken effectively:  an updated website, new sales collateral, updating your company social media accounts, update eNews or email templates, updated trade show booth, and more.

And depending on the project list, we will recommend a timeline for launching the updated materials, messaging, and brand internally to your employees, and externally to your vendors, partners, and clients.




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