Content & Social Media Strategy

One of the most effective strategies to build a lead pipeline for your sales team is to regularly add content to your website, and link that content to your social media outlets.

While this sounds simple enough, the development of the strategy and its implementation takes careful planning and deliberate execution.

NWI has extensive experience in a variety of tactics that make for an effective content development plan, including:

The development of industry articles that can be posted on an array of association outlets

White paper development for posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The development of additional pages to add your website for Phase II and Phase III updates

The creation of a calendar of blog articles around thought leadership in your industry that can be posted on your website blog and interwoven with your social media platform

The development of customer and prospect emails to provide updates regarding your new products and services, and how you are leading the way in your industry

Key executive or key client interviews that showcase capabilities, thought leadership and results that your organization can deliver

The creation of sales collateral pieces that can be added to the website, landing pages, and used in prospect development

The development and placement of key executive, sales, and company pages on relevant social platforms.

Working with the sales team to help them post information, articles, case studies and use that information to make introductions to key prospects in their growing network

Assistance in building a pay per click or sponsored landing page to attract your target audience and collect their data

And many more….

In addition to the development of a wide array of content elements, NWI strongly recommends the use of Social Media in the marketing plan for most Business to Business sales organizations.

The use of Social Media to both reach relevant prospects and provide a strong linking strategy to your website, will provide a highly effective method for developing a strong presence on the web. The majority of prospects are looking through social media for suppliers who will make strong partners.

Determining which social media platforms are best for your organization depends on the goals for your sales and marketing plan.

NWI will make recommendations based on your requirements, and then work with your team, or develop and implement the social media strategy for you.

We will measure results of these activities through a variety of means:  Google Analytics will highlight new visitors, and where visitors are coming from. Strategic landing pages will provide information on individuals downloading white papers and sales collateral.

We’ll measure Likes, Follows, Connections, Posts and Comments. And of course we will be working with your sales team to measure calls, emails, quotes, and orders.


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