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We see the following two problems time and time again:

There is no trackable process that ties the marketing activities to the sales process.

Leads are given to the sales team, often with no clear analysis of the source of the lead or its quality, and no set time expectation about how quickly the lead should be followed up on, and what kind of reporting is needed to be able to assess the marketing strategy.

And so it’s unclear what is working, and what isn’t. And there is finger pointing between sales and marketing about who may be at fault for the lack of results.

The sales team activities are inconsistent with follow up, relationship building, quoting and closing.

The sales team is busy….calls are being made, appointments set, meetings held, quote generated……but the orders aren’t coming in as expected.

Management is disappointed and frustrated with the lack of results, and the sales team’s disorganization. What skills do they need help with?  Why are the relationships so weak and why are they losing the sales? Are they reaching your target market? Do they have a defined Ideal Customer Profile?

All the best marketing programs will not generate orders if the sales team does not have the skill set to prospect, probe for issues, develop strong relationships, quote the right solutions, close the most profitable deals, and set the foundation for long term business partners.

NWI has extensive expertise in sales and networking skills development, sales process analysis and development, and determining the proper tools needed to build an integrated sales and marketing operation for your organization.

We evaluate your current sales process and team skills, sales materials, and customer requirements. From there, we’ll build a program that includes:

Establishing a well defined Ideal Customer Profile with target markets

Developing a clear process for lead follow up with reporting tools to be able to see the status of leads and size of the opportunities

Establishing clear goals and expectations for lead follow up, timing, quotes, etc.

Evaluating the team structure, compensation plan and incentives.

Reviewing all current sales collateral and updating or developing materials and tools for each step of the process.

Evaluating each team member’s skills for writing, verbal communication, networking, prospecting and closing. Determine needed individual and team skills to ensure that everyone is operating at peak performance

Working with management to assure there is a clear tracking process for sales and marketing activities

Implementing a monthly review and analysis process to evaluate the blended sales and marketing efforts to determine what is working and where additional efforts are needed to continue improving on the results

How We Are Different

Instead of building a sales funnel of leads (which brings in a lot of qualified and unqualified leads into the organization, NWI narrows that funnel to a cylinder and ensures that only the most qualified leads are getting to your sales team.

We do this by laser focusing on your Ideal Customer Profile, your target audience, and developing marketing tactics that only bring in the most relevant leads. This ensures that your sales team is not wasting time and resources following up on leads that will never turn into orders.

Don’t let your team continue to operate below expectations. Commit today to help take your sales team to the next level with sales and networking training development programs from NWI.


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