Market Analysis

Branding Process

  • Creation of strategy for identity of messaging
  • Brand visualizations – logo, color palettes, schemes, fonts, infographics
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Statement
  • Tone of voice- witty, traditional, comical, luxurious
  • Buzz words
  • Copywriting

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Service Design and User Experience

Sales Process Development

  • Prospecting
  • Lead tracking
  • Sales presentations
  • Closing techniques

Networking Expertise

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Events

Email Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Presence

Web Site Design and Development


Content Writing/Editing

Branding Photography/Videography

  • Head Shots
  • Environmental photography
  • Product photography

Graphic Design

Interactive Client Communications


NWI Business Solutions is driven by one primary goal: to help our clients achieve superior business growth and retention. Our unique and effective method of bridging sales and marketing concepts into one comprehensive strategy, as opposed to treating them as separate entities, has empowered us to provide compelling business solutions to our clients. Through our award-winning IMPACT Process™, NWI Business Solutions will create a program that is easy to implement and customized to meet your sales, marketing, communications, and design needs.


With access to our impressive scope of integrated services, our team of strategic experts have the rare ability to research, develop, and implement the right solutions for your company, without sending you elsewhere. We integrate sales and marketing expertise with every step of our clients’ processes, branding, messaging, user experience, and service designs, which gives our clients proven results.