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Website Design And Development

Close to 70% of Business to Business prospects will review your website before they will contact you to discuss the possibility of doing business.

Now think about your website…

Does it tell your story in a compelling and convincing way?

Is it built on a responsive platform so that mobile visitors (as well as desktop users) can find what they need easily?

Do you have a blog that is being updated at least monthly with new content about services, products, and how you are solving client problems?

When did you last review the keywords that you used to optimize your site for organic searches (your SEO process)?

Have you updated your client case studies each quarter so that prospective customers can read timely and relevant information about your recent work?

Is someone checking your contact forms every other week to make sure they are working and there are no missing connections?

Have you measured how many contacts that you have gotten from your site in the last 3, 6, 9 and 12 months? How many of those turned into quotes?  How many have turned into clients?

Have you measured the linking strategy between your company LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Twitter page?

Do you have Google Analytics on your site? Do you review it weekly to determine whether you need to change the layout on any of your common landing pages such as broken links that need fixing? Do you review what people are searching for while on your site to determine if your site navigation and content are meeting current expectations?

How We Are Different

NWI Marketing will work with your team to make sure that your next website becomes an integral part of your sales and marketing strategy. Your sales process is imbedded into your website navigation in order to move prospects through the buying process. Plus, our website design and development process starts with determining the right navigation to make sure that prospects can immediately understand what you offer to solve their problems. From there we use your brand standards to create a modern, clean and fresh look for your new website that reflects your company expertise and differentiators.

We work with your team, or develop the content for you, that incorporates the most important key words to help your site gain organic rankings. We will help you find the best photography or graphics to convey your messages whether we need to schedule a photo shoot in the plant, shoot a video, or create a series of infographics that help you client understand some complex capabilities.

A key element of the NWI Marketing process is that we work quickly and efficiently so that your new site is launched as soon as possible.

Website Design and Development is often done in conjunction with Content Development and Social Media Strategy for our clients.  Learn more about Content Development and Social Media Strategy here 




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